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Fresh air
Up to 1.5 kg of white clothes refresher 30 ° C in only 30 minutes.

Domestic programs quickly
The MyTime washer-dryers offer a wide range of different short-term programs: up to 59 minutes just wash; up to 90 minutes in a washing and drying cycle, which saves time during drying due to innovative termocentrifugának

special programs
Thanks to the Express Wash & Dry program refresh just 35 minutes and dried lightly soiled ruhadarabjaidat (up to 0.5kg). The denim fabric and color scheme were designed to protect the Jeans. The Sports programs are ideal for sportswear.

Drought Level Sensor
The automatic levels to the desired drought dried on: Vasaléskész levels that require ironing laundry, hang dry those garments that are not completely dry, set Cabinet dry them in the clothes, which akasztasz the closet and extra program without ironing them, which must be completely dry (towels, bathrobes). Time to choose on the basis of drying program (30 to 180 minutes).

Delay Timer
The Delay Timer feature enables you to set the start time of the washing machine according to individual needs in advance. Starting the program can be delayed up to 24 hours. Create your laundry load, add the detergent, set the program and the machine will start the time you set.


Product Description

Washing Programs

Program Number: 16
Drying Program Number: 3
Express washing and drying program
Easy Iron option
Spin speed control


Energy efficiency class: A
Washing efficiency class: A
Maximum possible spin speed (rpm): 1200
Annual energy consumption in kWh / year terms: 952
Annual water consumption in liters: 18400
Noise level (dBA): 53

Structural Features

Washing capacity (kg): 7
Drying capacity (kg): 5.0
Drum capacity (l): 52
Colour: White
Door color: White

Key features

delayed start
spin control


Height (cm): 85
Width (cm): 59.5
Depth (cm): 53.5
Weight (kg): 65
Packing height (cm): 89
Packaging width (cm): 64.5
Packaging depth (cm): 59

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